Digest No. 10 | International Women's Day, Fake News and others

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Week No. 10
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 10th week's news review. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


Fake News

In social media more and more people are worried about fake news. It has been researched that because of the fake news, social media and digital advertisers seem to loose credibility. Media is fighting with it, and even using it for their advantage by creating a campaign around it. Two weeks ago it was done by The New York Times,and this week the Wall Street Journal joined them.  However, also brands struggle to better understand how to improve their trustworthiness. Especially, considering how large negative impact can be made by a little buzz. 

+ Also in Latvia there will be a reputation conference: ReputationTime2017
+ Facebook launches Instagram stories in the Messenger app

International Women's day

Best wishes to all the women from us and all marketing agencies around the world. 
Some used this day to create pop-up markets, others create apps, which tell when man interrupts women. And Facebook caompaign reached 400 million interactions. However, the most popular way of celebration is creating an ad: + 10 most popular female empowerment YouTube videos
+ 10 most popular International Women's day's Live videos
+ McCann creates an awesome statue of a brave girl just across the Wallstreet Bull

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