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Week No. 12
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Brand safety

Recently brand safety got a spotlight. Basically, it's a concept that brands want to be shown only near the content that do not harm their brand image. And it is logical - would you want your ads to be seen near a racist, swearing YouTube channel?
Therefore, a couple of advertisers pulled out of YouTube's network. These names include Johnson & JohnsonVerizon, GlaxoSmithKline and even Havas. The impact is significant, and it seems that YouTube's sales will be significantly lower due to that. Google admits it as a problem and starts acting. And panel discussions talk about the fact that this soon will go beyond YouTube, leading to TV Networks being careful of not repeating the same mistake. Meanwhile YouTube influencers are shocked - because sometimes as trivial thing of laughing about political correctness may be seem as harmful. It seems that this is just the beginning of a new, hot topic.

And here are some funny ads that are topical also this week

Are you missing some videos?
Here are 4 ads that you can laugh about: + Aardman laughs about client conference calls by illustrating them
+ Pedigree advertises a campaign about replacing your kids with dogs

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