Digest No. 13 | Smarter Devices Need Smarter Marketing

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Week No. 13
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 13th week's news review. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


Smarter devices ask for smarter marketing

Currently TV Upfront conference is taking place, where main TV trends are discussed. Here you can find the watching options. Large emphasis is on merge between TV and Digital environments. For instance, a small device offers to track users attention on all screens at the same time. And cartoons are at the same time launching cartoons as well as online games around them.
Overall, one thing is clear - new devices and data collection methods offer much more unorthodox opportunities. Especially, considering how more and more connected these devices become - starting from great Alexa house system, and going as far as connected tooth-brushes. The question remains - how should brands tackle this challenge?

+ Spotify has hired behaviour scientists, who are working for marketing

Four funny ads of this week

+ Mother London Put a Giant Boob on Top of a Building to Make a Statement About Breastfeeding

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