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Week No. 14
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 14th week's news review. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


Location Marketing

Sharing your location becomes increasingly popular. Google Maps offers you real-time location sharing. And, of course, Facebook now does that as well. Even Twitter allows for businesses to ask for user locations in direct messages. It is not that easy to monetize this trend, however location based advertisements and marketing is gaining traction. It is foreseeable that this market is gonna only grow, and that's why there are evaluations on location data value to marketing, as well as there are forecasts for this trend's development for year 2017. And it has been proved tha users pay more if companies use omnichannel strategies, that's why here is some advise on how to use geomarketing, and a couple of case studies.

+ Foursquare locations can be integrated in brand applications
+ Here is a website, which gives you news exactly about geomarketing

April Fool's day

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