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Issue No. 17
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 17th news review in 2017. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


Marketing mistakes and Late Capitalism

We all make mistakes - it's humane. But there are mistakes that are logical and that we forgivie - such as a terribly wrong title or Tweet. And sometimes there are mistakes made on purpose to garner some additional popularity. However, a much larger problem is when brands try to enhage in a socioeconomical problems... where they should not be in the first place. And that is done via an awkward Twitter hashtags, or inglorious Pepsi ad. It all of course, is made for profit, and is understandable, however, it illustrates the broader ponit of "Late Capitalism", which is nicely described here.

My main point is that we need to act humane and logical - so that it does not lead to the violent airplane incidents due to overbooking400 dollar juicer, which works as good as hands or expensive fake-mud pants or overly expensive, failed music festivals.

+ Ikea greatly shows how their 0.99 $ bag is as good as 2145$ worth fashion bag
+ Heineken creates a marvelous, humane ad talking about the social norms
+ If somehow you still manage to get trouble, then this is a way to apologise

This weeks ads about family

5 radošākās šīs nedēļas reklāmas + A nice art academy ad

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