Digest No. 18 | NewFronts And Mother's Day

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Issue No. 18
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 18th news review in 2017. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


Mother's day

Mother's day has arrived! And it is esimated that this year record amount of money will be spent on it. That's why here is a guide, on what are the consumption habbits, and who buys the most presents, as well as, which are the best marketing tactics for using the celebration.  Moreover, here is a link with the most successful marketing examples. 

+ Who should the advertisers target fathers during the Mother's day?
+ It turns out that almost half of the gifts are returned, thrown out or regifted


NewFronts is a digital conference taking place in New York, with the speakers from literally all largest companies around the globe. Mostly the topics span around the digital video and digital trends in the market. (see 8 interesting facts from this year). This time the most interesting topic seems to be about the shift of YouTube into a bit different type of player. More about NewFronts you can read here,  Or a short day-to-day summary can be found here. 

+ As well there is an Upfronts conference, which is a massive event which allows to the US advertisers to pre-pay TV spot even a year in advance. 

Some controversial ads

5 most creative ads of this week
And it seems that controversial ads are becoming more popular. Here are the newest ones: + A longer story about the greeting card manufacturers

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