Digest No. 21 | Taking the brand out of the branded content

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Issue No. 21
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 21st news review in 2017. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


Branded Content

Traditional marketing is dying. Old advertising channels slowly but steadily are declining. TV ads still have the widest reach, yet they are loosing their worth, and also internet or outdoor banners are mostly ignored. Therefore, we must think of the new options - and content marketing seems to be a promising one.
This week a new ad by Nike came out. And in this ad about golfers there is something special - Nike understand that golf (and golf accessories) are becoming less sexy and more associated with overweight man in their fifties. Therefore, they found the urban golfers in Capetown and created ad about them. It shows the youth and liberation that Nike so much wants to associate with it's brand. Golf becomes stylish, Nike can sell more outfit and can profit. Simple. And, by reading about the future trends, it seems that it is exactly the underlying idea of this new content marketing paradigm - to find and amplify a great story! And then share it across your (potential) customers. That's the reason why the new ideas are shifting towards brands investing in authentic long-form pieces, as well as the idea that you should take your brand out of the created content. so that the content stays authentic.

+ a couple of examples on how brands are effectively using the content marketing
+ some additional arguments on why to use content marketing

Three Colorful Ads

+ Color your career

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