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Issue No. 25
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 25th news review in 2017. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


AI in Marketing

Whilst reading the news, you feel as if living in the future:
Apple allows women to freeze their eggs, but do not create a children playgroundBrands are worried about having too many bots on Twitter and client service forces you not to interact with person. That's why it's hard not to losse objevticity in this hype. However, I was surprised that the machine learning and AI are coming in marketing so quickly. That's why here is an article on how AI will revolutionize marketing. And to make it seem more credible, here are 15 specific ways how you can use AI in marketing - anything from chatbots to dynamic pricing. As well, here is an in-depth view on AI helping in customer service and sales

+ Is it AI or BS?

3 nice campaigns of this week

+ new and best ads of this week
+ story behind these great Lego printed ads

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