Digest No. 34 | Digital Transformation In The Changing Times

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Issue No. 34
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Dear Clients, CMBaltic presents 34th news review in 2017. Curated for marketing and advertising professionals:


Digital transformation

Usually digital transformation represents digitalization within business and organisation. This time we are going to talk about marketing. And it seems to be a topical issue, considering that Vatican hired accenture for digitalization; and Lego hired "digital-first" agency for campaigns. What does digital marketing mean in this context? It is smart use of various technological opportunities, such as chatbotssmart devices, as well as virtual reality and machine learning. Many of these technology use-cases are overhyped, hence, it is important to understand:
How Will Digital Transformation Change the Marketing Funnel?
5 Market Forces That Are Driving Digital Transformation
And gain 5 Dos and Don’ts of Digital Transformation

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+ Digital transformation is mainly about becoming more user friendly

Some ads that perfectly use the digital playground

+ 6 Savvy Uses of Digital That Made Out-of-Home Ads Stand Out in 2017

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