GEMIUS LV : Most visited web pages Top 25

This January gemiusAudience figures, as well as most popular webpage Top 25 were prepared, by studying the behaviour of users who used Internet only via desktop and laptop computers. Study on these web pages visiting via smartphones and tablet computers is coming soon.

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Infographics: Top 12 Steps to a Better Online Reputation

“In my new book, Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation, I provide a practical guide to building, managing, and repairing your online reputation. To get you started, here are the top 12 steps you should take in online reputation management”, writes ANDY BEAL.

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7GURU LV: Social media audience interest trends in 2014th January

Social media audience interest trends from month to month are different, and top of the most influential brand is a kind of barometer of society. November chart shows significant increase in the involvement of experienced media brands, in December - the banking and consumer services brands, but in January popularity of public institutions and astrology related brands.

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TNS LV : TV channel audiences in 2014 January

TV channel audience in January 2014. In January channel TV3 was the most watched, and devoted 10.2% of the total TV dedicated viewing time. The second most watched was channel LTV1, the time viewing share of 9.7%, while the third - channel LNT with 9.6% of the watching time.

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TNS LV: the Internet in the last 6 months have been used by 70% of Latvian residents

The research results reveal that the Internet in the last 6 months have been used by an average of 70% or 1,203,000 of Latvian residents aged from 15 to 74 years. It should be noted that during the last year Latvian Internet users’ number has remained unchanged since the 2012th the corresponding period of the Internet in the last 6 months had used an average of 70% of the Latvian population.

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