Latvian most influential brands top in Facebook

In March, the most influential brand has become airBaltic, followed by Positivus Festival and

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2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Social Media Examiner conducted its fourth annual 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

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Baltic media advertisement market in 2011 has grown per 6 %

Market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia, in cooperation with LRA and TNS companies in Estonia - TNS Emor and Lithuania – TNS LT, has gathered information on the advertising market growth in the Baltics in 2011.The study shows that the Baltic advertising market, compared to 2010 has an increase of 6 %.

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Latvian media advertising market data on 2011

Latvian Advertisement Association has compiled Latvian media advertising market results for 2011. Market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia has gathered information for major advertisers, advertised sectors and brands. In 2011 media advertising market has remained in volume of 48.4 million lats. Compared with 2010 advertising market rise: Internet +17%, Magazines +15%, TV +6%. The largest drop has experienced cinema advertising market -27%.

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EU statistics in celebration of International Women’s Day

How many more women than men are there among the total population and among the elderly? Is the share of women at risk of poverty or social exclusion higher than for men? How do employment rates for women and men differ by education level? Do women buy different goods and services over the internet than men? Answers to these questions are supplied by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

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